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Little bikes with pedals

Their first bike sticks in everyone’s memories.
So, here are some key points to help you choose the model that best suits your child.

For the smallest (under 95cm) we always recommend opting for a balance bike.
For slightly older kids (over 110cm) we recommend a pedal bike.
However, for those who measure between 95cm and 110cm, the two options are a possibility for them.

The balance bike allows kids to learn to balance on two wheels. It clearly gives confidence to the child; they feel safe and can progress at their own pace.
The pedal bike has other advantages. It makes the child feel ‘like a grown-up’ and also enables longer rides once the child has got the hang of it. And stabilizers mean it’s safe to try.
To see the different variations of pedal bikes for little ones, head to the "First pedal bikes" section.

If you're in need of a pedal bike, you've come to the right place!
We have two wheel sizes available – 12-inch (for a child measuring between 90cm and 105cm) or 14-inch (between 95cm and 110cm).

Our pedal bikes are designed to evolve alongside the child.
The top tube of the frame has been lowered as far as possible to make it easier to step over.
They are all equipped with disc brakes to enable effective stopping in all circumstances, and also, to give the child their first downhill feelings.
Protection around the chain prevents little fingers or toys from getting caught up in it.

With the components, all have been carefully selected in accordance with three criteria:
1) They must be specific to the shape of a child, their size and weight. The handlebars for example, have an internal diameter of 19mm so that the child can hold them securely.
2) No short cuts on solidity. It’s impossible to ask the young ones to take care of their bikes. We therefore use fewer plastic parts as possible, unlike bikes sold in supermarkets for example. It’s good to know that our bikes can be used by their little sibling(s), and that they will resell well on the second-hand market, even after several years of use.
3) They must have real mountain bike parts so that the child has a safe and fun first experience of riding MTB. For example, we chose knobbly tyres that resembled those on our adult bikes the most. The gain in comfort and grip is indisputable. It will prevent some scratches on elbows and knees.

Our balance bikes are available with 12-inch wheels (recommended for kids measuring 90cm to 105cm) or 14-inch (between 95cm and 110cm).
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