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SUPREME DH 27 - The liveliest and most agile version.

We have long been involved in the world of racing. DH is an exciting sport because it's very complex technically and tactically, both from the riding and mechanical sides. As competitors, we work to win! Prototype bikes, numerous development sessions, a technical team at races... The World Cup circuit is an ideal lab for developing bikes, plus with 3 official teams and many independent riders, we make the most of it. Everything is changing very quickly in this sport; trends, riding styles, tracks and trails and of course, the bikes. So stay close to the action and the riders who are building the future!

What we also like is the fun and dynamic aspect of DH. It is precisely in this context that the SUPREME DH 27.5 takes on its full meaning. Of course, this has long been the choice of Myriam NICOLE and with her finesse and fluidity, she became World Champion on this bike! Also a favourite of Rémi ‘THUNDER' THIRION, the one who searches for the most technical lines and with the liveliest of attacks.
Simply everything has been thought through to improve performance in a definitive way in order to offer a bike made for the competitions of today and tomorrow. This SUPREME DH is beefier yet sharper than ever! The 27.5-inch version of the SUPREME DH is obviously suitable for smaller and medium body sizes but also for those who want more liveliness in their drive, more precision and playfulness, those who really create their lines and strive to improve their style.

So, ready to join team COMMENCAL?